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The Circle, Zürich, ZH

Focus on efficiency and safety: FireShield on the Circle project at Zurich Airport

The Circle project at Zurich Airport is undoubtedly an impressive construction site. Under the direction of renowned architect Riken Yamamoto, an architectural masterpiece was created that is not only the largest, but also the most expensive construction project in the history of Switzerland. The enormous size and the heavily frequented riser shafts posed major challenges for the project. But thanks to FireShield, our leading compartmentalisation system, project deadlines were met and efficiency increased.

Speeding up the construction process thanks to FireShield:

One of the biggest challenges in the Circle project was equipping the riser shafts efficiently despite the heavy occupancy. The FireShield bulkheading system proved to be the ideal solution to this problem. Already during the planning stage it became clear that time would be a scarce commodity. By using FireShield, the occupancy of the riser shafts could be accelerated considerably. For example, media could be installed on the lower floors while concrete was still being poured on the upper floors. This resulted in much faster construction progress and enabled the Circle project team to meet the tight schedule.

Safety and efficiency in one:

In addition to speeding up the construction process, safety also played a central role in the Circle project. This is where FireShield came into play again. Our FireShield® was used in all ceiling penetrations to ensure a safe working environment. The bulkheading system meets the highest safety standards and not only protects against the spread of fire and smoke: FireShield's extremely robust construction means that the riser shafts can be used without additional elaborate safety measures. Construction workers could enter the shafts at any stage of construction to carry out necessary work without the worry of falling. This not only saved time and resources, but also offered increased flexibility during the construction process. Both initial occupation and re-occupation and maintenance of the access shafts can be carried out safely and smoothly.

The combination of fall protection, stability and flexibility makes FireShield an indispensable part of the safety concept in the Circle project.

Watertight and protection against moisture:

In a major project like the Circle at Zurich Airport, control of moisture and water ingress is of paramount importance. Inadequately sealed riser zones can lead to significant cost risks, especially in the shell construction. Moisture can penetrate over several floors and even reach the basement, where mould can then form. By completely sealing the riser zones, the risk of mould growth in the basement is significantly reduced. This leads to a healthier working environment for the construction workers and later the tenants and minimises potential health risks.

FireShield: The best choice for large projects:

The Circle project at Zurich Airport is an impressive example of how the use of FireShield can support the smooth running of large projects. The decision to use FireShield in this project proved to be extremely beneficial. Speeding up the construction process and ensuring a safe working environment were key factors in the success of the Circle project.


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