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Malley Phare, Prilly, VD

Discover FireShield: Sustainable progress for a safe future

In the ever-evolving world of urban design, it is essential that cities and towns renew their identity and adapt to the current as well as future needs of their inhabitants. An outstanding example of this dynamic urban transformation is the Malley Phare project in Prilly. This project has not only reshaped the city's skyline, but it also brings a wealth of social, economic and cultural benefits.

The ambitions behind the project

Commissioned by Suva and carried out in collaboration with the Lausanne site of the CCHE, the Malley Phare project was realised by the prestigious consortium JPF - Perspectives Construction. This ambitious project adds 14 floors to the existing Malley Lumières shopping centre. With a height of 60 metres, the hybrid wooden construction offers space for living and working and crowns it all with a breathtaking rooftop bar.

Responsible sustainability for the future

This Minergie Eco-certified structure complements the existing 2000 Watt Malley Viaduc site. A key aspect of this project is the use of FireShield in the climbing zones, which ensures both safety and sustainability. The Swiss Accident Insurance Fund, as the building owner, attaches great importance to occupational safety. Thanks to FireShield, the climbing zones can be safely closed without the need for additional measures to ensure fall safety during construction.

Efficient construction with a focus on sustainability

The floor slabs are prefabricated in an innovative timber hybrid construction method and delivered to the construction site as elements. FireShield is precisely custom-made at our plant in Winterthur and then placed and concreted in place on site by JPF Ducret. This allows for an optimised construction process while ensuring safe, watertight ceiling elements on site.

Unrivalled fire protection

The use of timber as a building material requires special fire protection precautions. To ensure long-term fire safety for the users of this 14-storey pioneering project, the riser zones are sealed with FireShield. This ensures fire protection class EI90 in all construction phases - from shell construction to full occupancy with all necessary facilities, from ventilation to electrics.

Experience the future of sustainable urban development with the Malley Phare project and FireShield - a combination of innovation, aesthetics and safety.

Image sources: © CCHE


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