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Smoke extraction ducts EI 60 / EI 120

The innovative GEOTEC® smoke extraction system is now also certified in Switzerland and available from amcf ag with immediate effect! 


The cost-efficient GEOTEC® smoke extraction system is not only convincing due to the extremely space-saving fire protection panel (30mm = EI 60, 45mm = EI 90 / EI 120), but above all due to the simple and quick installation due to the fire protection panels and system components prefabricated to size ex works.


The GEOTEC® smoke extraction ducts meet the highest fire protection requirements and are VKF-certified. Convince yourself of the ecological, safe and cost-efficient GEOTEC® solution.

EI60 - EI120

fire resistance

2500mm x 1500mm

Maximum dimension 



GEOTEC® Advantages

  • Cost efficient

  • Quick assembly 

  • Made to measure from the factory

  • Planning support from amcf ag

  • Large maximum dimensions

  • Space-saving fire protection panels

  • Aesthetic execution

  • Tested safety EI 60 - EI 120


GEOTEC® smoke extraction

When designing a ventilation or smoke extraction system, it is necessary to provide an adequate air flow to clear rooms of smoke. This means that on the one hand the smoke is removed (smoke extraction duct or strong ventilation) and on the other hand fresh air is supplied (ventilation duct or weak ventilation).


The GEOTEC® fire protection panels & smoke extraction ducts have been tested for their fire resistance according to the standards EN 13501-3, EN 13501-4, EN 1366-1 and EN 1366-8 (multiple section) and VKF-certified. The system therefore meets all fire protection requirements EI 60 - EI 120. 

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

GEOTEC® product revolution

The GEOTEC® smoke extraction system not only impresses with its cost-efficient fire protection panels or system components, but above all with its extremely fast assembly. The ducts and system components are recorded on the basis of planning data or site measurements and produced and delivered directly to size. The GEOTEC® software can thus also record complex duct sections such as bends, tiers or cones and pre-produce them ex works. 


The responsible installation company can install the pre-produced parts on site simply according to the installation instructions. All system components such as threaded rods or U-profiles as well as all fastening materials are also supplied.


As a local GEOSTAFF partner, amcf ag not only supports installation companies in planning or in the preparation of measurements, but we can also cut duct parts to size at short notice in our cutting centre.

Assembly video

Montage GEOTEC® Entrauchungskanal

Montage GEOTEC® Entrauchungskanal

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