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SWICA Headquarters, Winterthur ZH

The new construction of the Swica HQ in Winterthur puts the general contractor and the planners to the test with the extravagant building project by Frei + Saarinen Architekten. The mezzanine floors and the round shaft walls make it extremely difficult for those involved to seal off the riser zones horizontally. The FireShield with a round side wall is the perfect solution. Due to the expanded clay or recycled glass foam granulate, which is used for the soffit construction of the FireShield side wall, the curvatures of the round shaft wall could be incorporated into the project and the FireShield could be produced as a round element.

Quelle: zvg

The FireShield elements in the basement were concreted in. The other elements from the 1st floor ceiling onwards were/are currently being installed as retrofit elements.

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