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FireShield in the NZZ: Artificial Intelligence for Efficiency on Construction Sites

Artificial intelligence and fire protection - an unusual combination? In today's world, companies are increasingly turning to innovative technologies to enhance workplace safety. One such innovation is our FireShield fire protection system, which was recently highlighted in an article by the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ). In this blog post, we would like to delve deeper into how our solution contributes to improving safety on construction sites while simultaneously increasing workflow efficiency.

The Process in Focus

FireShield is a cross-trade product: Elements are placed and embedded by the master builder, opened by our FireShield partners, and equipped by HLKS companies. Finally, all media are sealed off by the fire protection specialist. Throughout the construction process, FireShield serves various purposes, including formwork, fall protection, and fire sealing, while also simplifying installation on construction projects.

Smooth coordination of work plays a crucial role, and we have continuously optimized our processes over the last 10 years. Functional communication channels and comprehensive documentation of work on the fire protection element are the cornerstones of our all-in-one system, FireShield.

With the introduction of the AI-powered Benetics App, FireShield processors can send messages in their native language through individual chats and project groups. The application supports automatic translations for both the sender and the recipient of messages, while the voice-to-text feature minimizes the cumbersome typing on touchscreens at construction sites.

Benefits for the Property Owner:

The use of the Benetics App benefits not only processors but also property owners and construction managers. Mailing lists can be easily imported into the Benetics App, and checklists can be created. Thanks to electronic work tracking, all processes are transparently visible afterward, and the customized FireShield add-in generates a clear documentation of executed fire protection work. With the "Benetics Live Plan" function, the installed FireShields can be located, and the corresponding work and attached media (e.g., photos of sealing) can be accessed.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that FireShield and the Benetics App not only meet current requirements but are also prepared for future challenges. We firmly believe that the integration of AI and advanced technologies paves the way for an even safer and more efficient construction industry. We are proud to be a part of this transformation and look forward to advancing the future of fire protection on construction sites in collaboration with our partners and customers. Stay tuned for more exciting innovations from FireShield!


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