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Full-stack Software-development for the construction industry

Construction is the least digitised industry in the world. Many core processes are still done with pen and paper or, at best, Excel.

The lack of technological innovation on construction sites leads to higher costs, delays in execution and workplace safety hazards.


Our in-house software developers and BIM specialists create customised solutions that facilitate all construction-related business processes.


Architects of the digital world

Parametric 3D models, building information modeling and computer-based design methods have established themselves in the planning of buildings and infrastructure and have changed the way planners, architects and fabricators work.

Our software developers work hand in hand with our architects to create tailor-made solutions and interfaces for construction companies.

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The cloud-based FireShield® application is an all-in-one tool for documenting, maintaining and servicing FireShield® or alternative fire barriers. The back office website offers functions to manage your fire protection products, projects and reports including an intuitive export function for invoicing. Project managers can assign users, update product information or floor plans for specific projects. The input fields for the reports can be created individually via the online backend with the option of including images, QR codes or other media.


  • Individual reports and measurements

  • Support for various fire barriers

  • Export function for invoicing

  • Dynamic user assignment

  • Submission of blueprints

  • Image/Media Submission

  • Generate and scan QR codes

  • Excel / PDF export function



Cloud ERP systems

Our tailor-made, cloud-based ERP solutions enable location-independent work on any computer in the browser of your choice. Our ERP software framework integrates and automates essential financial and operational business functions and provides a single source of data, including inventory and order management, as well as sourcing, production, distribution and fulfillment support.


Our ERP solution creates the basis for a digital construction file without paper, which is accessible at any time via any computer or mobile device.

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